Evo Performance

These programs are specifically designed for specific sports to enhance balance, coordination, nervous system development and connective tissue strength, which leads to usable strength development. This is accomplished by programming the contraction and relaxation of specific muscles/muscle groups with the proportionate production of strength and size.

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Evo Management

The EVO Management Plan allows an individual the highest level of performance success. Using proprietary technologies, EVO UltraFit guides the individual throughout the year, managing all variables affecting performance. EVO Management is the seamless integration of both EVO Performance and EVO Rehab. This achieved by stimulating neurological and physiological systems of the body to allow high levels of performance.

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Jenn Wagner Photography: evosport training shoot

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Evo Rehabilitation

EVO Ultrafit uses ARP Wave Neurological Therapy as our rehabilitation tool. This targets the neurological origin of all soft tissue conditions and symptoms, not just the physiological symptoms.

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