Jay Schroeder has given birth to and nurtured this training system for more than 30 years. Jay develops, perfects, and implements highly sophisticated and very unique training protocols which are used with any type of athlete and/or individual seeking to maximize on his/her quality of life. The top training systems in the history of athletics and typical training genres have been studied and gleaned from in order to create this elite training system. Extensive research and studies have been analyzed and tested thus, “no stone has been left uncovered”.

This system and its methodologies have been developed, researched and refined for more than 40 years. EVO UltraFit Training is a system of high intensity to supra-intensity (high-speed, high load, high volume) training routines which target specific physiological traits; those associated with efficient athletic and/or human performance. These training routines are arranged according to their importance for the specific individual being trained. Once entering the EVO UltraFit System, the athlete/client proceeds in a specific order through each of these traits as his or her physiology indicates. This is the only system that utilizes this specific method of progression.

The following list gives you some of the important qualities, training techniques, and target areas of this system. The EVO UltraFit System is highly adaptive. The system works with all ages and meets all the requirements for extending life and performance. Isn’t that what life is all about …trying to move as efficiently as possible throughout our life while keeping ourselves physiologically productive at high levels? As we move through life, the EVO UltraFit System prepares us to take each life step regardless of age, sport, or activity level. The EVO UltraFit System is designed in such a manner as the athlete/client becomes more injury resistant.

These are the physical traits, and training aspects necessary to compete as an athlete and/or for the individual striving for life extension of high quality:

  • Balance, coordination – the contraction and relaxation of specific muscles, and/or muscle groups
  • Nervous system development
  • Connective tissue strength
  • Usable strength development
  • Muscle group involvement in the proportionate production of strength and size; the ancillary muscle groups “turn on” at the same proportionate rate as the primary movers.

This greatly reduces the chance of injury during the performance of a sport skill and everyday activities. The system reduces the number of exercises that an individual must master in order to enhance their sport skill(s) and/or improve the quality of life.

Interestingly, all individuals should strive to achieve this elite level of physiological development, as it defines maximal health.   The EVO UltraFit System has been highly successful for athletes/clients ranging in age from 4 years to 81 years of age. This training creates healthy functioning human beings that are prepared to take on the rigors of everyday life plus any athletic activity. It has produced positive results for those who wish to lose fat; it has increased a resistance to arthritis, and tendonitis; it has increased muscle mass; it has developed and enhanced maximal velocity and velocity endurance. More importantly, male and female participants have experienced the same results.