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EVO Ultrafit proprietary Neurological Therapy is our rehabilitation tool. This therapy targets the neurological origin of all soft tissue conditions and symptoms, not just the physiological symptoms.

Neurological Therapy

EVO Neurological Therapy is a system based on the belief that all injury is a direct result of the body’s inability to absorb force. This inability to absorb force is due to an individual’s neurological inability to communicate with muscles fast enough to allow the muscles to absorb force (contract appropriately). EVO Neurological Therapy addresses the neurological origin of physiological symptoms, not the physiological symptoms themselves. The origin of pain or injury is not identified by symptoms, rather, symptoms are simply how an injury manifests itself superficially. Neurological Therapy by EVO Ultrafit treats the neurological origin of physiological symptoms, which causes the physiological symptoms to quickly vanish.

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The ability to demonstrate the functionality of the nervous system using a series of manual muscle tests. If an individual is seen to be “out of balance” based upon the manual muscle test of an EVO professional, then that individual with be manipulated by the EVO professional to be placed back “in balance”. An individual’s demonstration of being “in balance” is paramount to the successful treatment of injury.

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The process of locating the origin of the physiological symptoms that individuals experience by identifying electrical disconnects between that individual’s muscles and brain. Electrical disconnects are areas that lack cellular communication to other cells or the brain, and become protected by inflammation and eventually scar tissue. Inflammation and the formation of scar tissue occur as a result of the brain feeling the need to protect the injured area from some sort of trauma.

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The elimination of the origin of the physiological symptoms that individuals experience by eradicating electrical disconnects. This practice reopens lines of communication between cells, or between cells and the brain; thus, purging the affected area of inflammation and scar tissue.

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Reacquiring strength/coordination and the elimination of compensation patterns via implementation of EVO Ultrafit programs and protocols.

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