EVO Training

EVO UltraFit Training Programs are specifically designed to enhance balance, coordination, nervous system development and connective tissue strength, which leads to usable strength development. This is accomplished by programming the contraction and relaxation of specific muscles/muscle groups with the proportionate production of strength and size.

EVO Auxiliary Training:

EVO UltraFit provides an easily accessible short duration intense training adjunct program based on the EVO UltraFit System. EVO Auxiliary is designed to be an adjunct to any other training program you may be using. It will provide optimal neurological stimulus that your other training program lacks. EVO Auxiliary is designed to be seamlessly integrated with the other school / team / or individualized training that you may be doing.  Login, select your duration, and EVO Auxiliary will automatically display your training exercises in the appropriate order. Each training protocol  is presented as a video for you to follow along with. Every exercise is shown at multiple angles allowing you to view the correct position without confusion. EVO Auxiliary also keeps track of all exercises you do, in real time,  to make sure that you will always be given exactly what you need.

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EVO Plus Training :

Efficient Neurological Communication allows the results that you want to occur. EVO Plus is the training program which gives you entry level access to the EVO UltraFit System. EVO Plus is the virtual tool that creates your EVO Training program based on your parameters. Once you complete the EVO Evaluation, the professionals at EVO UltraFit have the necessary information to put together your training plan tailored around your time availability  and available workout equipment. Once you view your assigned workout you can begin training. All exercises are explained and the movements needed to be completed are shown. If there is any confusion at all every exercise in the workout has a video to display the required movement. At anytime you can easily sign up for a consultation with an EVO Specialist. EVO Plus is easy access to the EVO UltraFit System. Built on the ground breaking neurological training of EVO UltraFit, EVO Plus uses proprietary technology to provide you with EVO UltraFit Training. As you use EVO Plus all of your workouts will be sequenced as dictated by the EVO System.

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Individualized Performance Program:

EVO Individualized is an EVO UltraFit Training program designed specifically around your current performance and preparation level. EVO Individualized Training offers you a personalized experience. We will collect data via our proprietary EVO UltraFit testing technologies. Then evaluate and develop an EVO UltraFit Training protocol to address your specific needs. Your virtual portal will provide you easy access to your EVO Training.

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