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EVO UltraFit will be hosting opportunities to learn about the miracle that is the human and how to harness your amazing and endless capabilities.

EVO Webinars

A monthly series of webinars for licensees of the ARP POV Sport detailing the machine’s various uses and related hookups. EVO UltraFit is the solely approved service provider for the ARP POV Sport, and is the only company to create and provide protocols and consultations for the ARP POV Sport. Each webinar will give behind-the-scenes insight into the POV and its uses by the creator of the POV protocols, Jay Schroeder. Join us to learn the proper implementation of protocols from Jay Schroeder himself.

POV Sport Support Webinar

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EVO Seminars

This product gives you access to our monthly Evo UltraFit informative seminars focused on proper implementation of ARP POV protocols.

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