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Arya Saba

By March 8, 2016 No Comments

Evo Ultrafit client and tennis player Arya Saba discusses on his coming to Evo Ultrafit.

Arya first came to Evo Ultrafit after traditional physical therapy did not fully heal his injury. He opens up his testimonial by DETAILING his first experience on the Arp Wave Rx100 modality. After his initial training SESSIONS Arya saw immediate changes in his ability TO PLAY tennis in PRACTICE and competition.

NEXT Arya goes into the difficulties he faced during training sessions at the Evo Ultrafit facility. After facing roadblocks with his training Arya looked deep within himself to move past the discomfort of the exercises, and solidify his end picture, to be able to push himself past what he thinks he can do. Onto what he wishes to accomplish, allowing his end picture to enable him to push past the road blocks once holding him in place.