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Brad Baker – AMA Flat Track Champion

By May 13, 2016 No Comments

EVO UltraFit client and AMA Flat Track Grand National champion Brad Baker suffered a series of serious injuries during a crash on the flat track. Knowing he wanted to not only quickly recover, but to return at the same level or better than before. Brad came to EVO UltraFit at the recommendation of a fellow racer.

Discussing his first experience of stimulation by the EVO UltraFit System, Brad Baker elaborates on his experience during and the change after his first session. Elaborating on what changes he had experienced during his first week of rehabilitation.

Finishing with the physiological and psychological improvements, Brad now has only one week from his next scheduled race. Which he will compete in, after being able to recover faster than medical professionals had predicted.

Phoenix Video Production by Koala Beard Films