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Brian Jennings – NFL Long Snapper

By March 8, 2016 No Comments

EVO Ultrafit client and NFL Long Snapper Brian Jennings sits down with EVO Ultrafit President Jay Schroeder. The two discuss how the training at EVO Ultrafit has allowed Brian the ability to perform at high levels on the field. Brian opens up his testimonial discussing how he built a system, enabling him to begin to teach individuals the art of long snapping.

Jay begins by describing Brian’s initial ability of performance when first entering the EVO Ultrafit training center. Highlighting the areas in which he needed improvement. Jay explains in great detail what is needed for the human body to perform at high levels of efficiently and the way to obtain those levels.

Brian next delves into his philosophy of training at his camps, allowing all individuals to perform as needed on game day. Jay follows up with how the training done at EVO Ultrafit is not limited to one sport and activity. This is because neurological efficiency training allows the body to operate at peak efficiency. Individuals are then able to take what they have learned, applying this new information to all types of activity, and see improvements. Brian concludes his testimonial by expressing how the neurological efficiency training done by EVO Ultrafit can benefit anyone with the determination to better themselves.

Testimonial video done by Videographers Koala Beard Films