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Chris Loughney

By April 21, 2016 No Comments

Evo Ultrafit athlete and professional golfer, Chris Loughney, first came to us after a nightmarish experience with an orthopedist and a rotator cuff injury. In this testimonial, Chris discusses that after cortisone shots, one surgery, no positive results, and the urging of his orthopedist to have a second surgery, he visited Evo Ultrafit.

Chris says that Evo Ultrafit was the first place to tell him why he was feeling pain, the first place to relieve pain from his shoulder, and the first place to teach him how to properly use his muscles. He says that within 20 minutes of walking through the doors at Evo Ultrafit, chronic pain that wasn’t able to be addressed by 8 months of traditional therapy was eradicated.

Chris also discusses his experience with Crohn’s Disease and how Evo Ultrafit proprietary ARP Wave technology helps him deal with its symptoms. Chris says that he appreciates how Evo Ultrafit protocols focus on the entire body rather than just an injured area.

Video done by Videographer Koala Beard Films