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DYG Lacrosse and EVO UltraFit Discuss Creating Elite Lacrosse Players

By August 21, 2015 No Comments


I have been training lacrosse players for well over a decade. I have worked with athletes as young as ten years of age up to the top collegiate levels. One thing I’m always asked is, “how do I get faster?” Or, “how do I get stronger?” While these are legitimate questions, the answer provided by most coaches is invariably wrong.

During my career as a competitive athlete I was always seeking out the best ways to improve my athletic ability. Whether consulting with sprint coaches or training in the weight room with strength coaches whom many believe to be the best in the world, I was always hungry to learn more. The three things I realized during this time was: every strength and speed coach used the same exercises but ordered them in various ways to make them “specific to your sport”, I saw almost no improvement by any athlete in terms of speed (which many people attribute to talent which renders it “un-teachable”), and rarely if ever did I witness an athlete make it through a four year college or professional career without sustaining a self-imposed injury (pulled hamstring, etc).

In this interview with Jay Schroeder we discuss these three major problems in an athlete’s development. What you will hear may seem counterintuitive, the opposite of what you hear other speed and strength coaches prescribe, and overly simplistic. However, what you need to keep in mind is that Jay has not only worked with many Elite professional athletes, but has PRODUCED elite performance from individuals that were previously considered non-athletic or not talented. What’s equally impressive is his athletes not only reach the highest levels of performance, but are also injury free while at the same time never hitting a plateau – they keep improving after they’ve already reached what most would consider the highest levels.

Since DYG and EVO-Ultrafit began working together everything I thought I knew about training has been turned inside-out. Though I improved as I progressed throughout my playing career, I could have done it in a much more efficient manner if I were training under the EVO system. This is why I have my athletes training under the EVO system and the results I’ve seen trump the results I’ve seen from any other trainer or training group.

Sit back and get ready to have your mind blown!

Ryan Small – DYG Lacrosse Training