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Eric Clark

By March 8, 2016 No Comments

Evo Ultrafit client and golf instructor Eric Clark speaks on how he found his way to Evo Ultrafit. Explaining in depth on how he was introduced to Evo by a player of his who was rehabilitated by Evo Ultrafit.

Next Eric discusses how the rehabilitation results of his player were clearly evident. These results aided performance significantly by correcting posture, body strength, and muscle definition. Thereby allowing the player to swing in the correct position, and not strain the incorrect areas of the body. Because of the training methods implemented by Evo Ultrafit , Eric’s player was able to increase his flexibility while gaining muscle mass.

When Eric was able to try to Evo System for himself he was able to fully understand the scope of the results he saw in his own player.  As he said himself, “The Evo System requires full commitment from the athlete.”

Testimonial video done by Videographers Koala Beard Films