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EVO Spotlight – Helene Neville

By May 1, 2015 No Comments

Helene QuoteAfter defying a serious Hodgkin’s lymphoma prognosis, nurse and avid runner Helene Neville made a personal commitment to help health care professionals become better ambassadors for healthy living. In May of 2010, she ran across the country from Ocean Beach, CA to Atlantic Beach, FL.

2,520 miles. 93 consecutive days. Zero injuries.

Although Helene never doubted her mental strength, she noticed a physical breakdown several months before her big run: “I had pain getting in to my run, pain after my run…difficult recoveries.” With increasing hip-flexor issues and prior shoulder injuries threatening her goal, Helene turned to EVO UltraFit for a solution.

She began rehabilitation with the EVO UltraFit performance training system. “I did some running in the early stages, those first few weeks [at Evo UltraFit], and I noticed a difference right away,” she noted. “And then… I stopped running. I actually did no running after that.” Instead, Helene followed her training protocols and kept her end picture in mind. “The [EVO UltraFit] training prepared me, as far as my body mechanics, my alignment, staying in position, and making my muscles work for me, not against me,” she said. “And I became so much more efficient.”

The road to efficiency was a challenge, but one that near 50-year-old Helene met with determination and commitment. “It is hard training, but if you want to perform at 100%, you must train at 100%,” she said. “It hurts like hell, because we generally don’t use our muscles to the max; we transfer the load to joints, etc. but if we train to relearn and stay in position, our muscles can take us places we never thought they could go.”

Helene would know; her muscles took her 2,520 miles. “Actually, as I progressed on the run, I got stronger, got faster, and my recovery was quick,” she said. “At 1600 miles in, I began running with ‘fresh’ runners, who were running 8 to 10-minute miles. I remember thinking, ‘I don’t have any pain. I feel great,’ and it just progressed from there how great I felt. It was amazing.”

There was no secret, however; no miracle. This was a neurological system firing at full potential, crafted strength, and a body in balance. This was the result of hard training—proper training—and the will to be extraordinary. The EVO UltraFit system unlocks human potential, and that potential is limitless and available to anyone challenging the status quo.

“Every EVO UltraFit athlete proves the value of the training out there on the field, the track, the court, or the road,” Helene said. “Evo UltraFit deals in reality and longevity.  They share knowledge and teach you to train correctly. Longevity goes hand in hand, because when you’re training and performing correctly, you will excel for years….and that valuable contribution to our world is priceless.”