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EVO Spotlight – Ryan Madson

By July 10, 2015 No Comments

EVO UltraFit athlete Ryan Madson has not gone unnoticed on his return to Major League Baseball. Matthew DeFranks, of Fox Sports, details Ryan’s comeback to pitching in the MLB in his article on Madson’s return against the odds. Ryan Madson trained with EVO UltraFit before taking his 11 month break from organized baseball. When he had the desire to return, and an opportunity when signing a deal with the Kansas City Royals. Ryan knew the only way he could get back to the game he loved, was by going back to the specialists at EVO UltraFit.

Having gone through the EVO UltraFit Rehabilitation needed and continuing his Efficiency training at EVO UltraFit, Ryan has come back ready to take on the competition. DeFranks dives into the commitment Madson has undertaken to be once again a part of Major League Baseball. He illuminates the quantity, quality, and consistency of work Ryan has done and must continue to do. This is the simple “secret” to the results created at EVO UltraFit as Madson says; “Not everybody is willing to go through that. Flat out. That hard work, pain, that’s what it took.” Ryan keeps no secrets, toting around his POV Sport Modality, one of the essential tools utilized by EVO UltraFit. Whether in the Royals’ clubhouse in Kauffman Stadium, or into his bedroom at home, wherever he is the POV Sport follows.

Ryan’s diligence and self-motivation is the spear head enabling him to continue the system of training that is the EVO System. EVO UltraFit President and founder of the EVO System Jay Schroeder admits that his programs are not for everyone. “Not everyone is like Ryan Madson,” Schroeder says. Jay knows that if Ryan keeps up the appropriate amount of work he will be pitching at the professional level well into his 50s. Schroeder’s perspective, molded by his own personal  experience overcoming a debilitating injury and his decades of training elite athletes, is that the only reason for Ryan to stop pitching is because he would decide to retire. Schroeder’s view point of retiring from professional sports is not limited to Madson. Jay and the staff at EVO UltraFit believe that anyone willing to put in the appropriate amount of work can achieve anything, every day EVO UltraFit the challenges the world to rethink what the human is capable of. Madson along with the multitude of other professional athlete clients, and individuals from all walks of life who train using the EVO UltraFit System as prescribed by Jay Schroeder; are the testament that Human potential is simply whatever you can conceive and are willing to prepare for.

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