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How the Evo System is Improving Baseball Players

By April 24, 2015 No Comments

Ryan Madson and Jed Bradley join EVO Ultrafit President Jay Schroeder to discuss how the EVO System has and continues to improve their performance at the elite level.

Both Ryan and Jed elaborate in great detail how EVO Ultrafit, and the implementation of the EVO system, heightened their performance on the field. The EVO system, created by Jay Schroeder, centers on the human body and how it is designed to move. This perspective leads individuals to not only increase their performance no matter the sport or activity, but also making them less injury prone. As Ryan states, “I wish I had someone give it (EVO System) to me early on at some point before getting injured, because I would not have been injured”. The injury resistance occurs because of the elimination of compensatory action. When individuals do not use their body as designed, force is unable to be appropriately absorbed. This force is then absorbed by areas of the body which are not designed for such stress, leading to injury.

Although Jed and Ryan are baseball players the EVO System is not limited to one profession, sport, or activity. The system is centered on human design, meaning any individual regardless of age or physical history can benefit from EVO Ultrafit training. Increasing efficiency is the focal point of the neurological training done at EVO Ultrafit. Jed explains this when saying, “It doesn’t matter what you do. You guys are not training football players, baseball players, basketball players, and hockey players. You guys are training human beings to be efficient human beings”.