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Jason Sani

By May 13, 2016 No Comments

EVO UltraFit client Jason Sani first came to us because he had a pectoral tear and didn’t want surgery. As a fitness model and personal trainer, Jason understood that surgery would be a major career setback. Jason utilized EVO UltraFit Rehabilitation for 3 months to rehab his pec, after which he decided to continue training.

Jason says that during rehab he didn’t understand how the EVO UltraFit System would allow his pec to return to normal function, but he got amazing results. He walked out stronger after his initial rehab than he ever had been in his life.

Jason points out that he has learned the EVO UltraFit System doesn’t fail people, rather people fail the system. He says that if you’re willing to do the work, you’ll get the results. Jason says that one reason he comes to EVO UltraFit is to learn how to use his body properly by reconditioning bad habits. He ends by saying that coming to EVO UltraFit is something that nobody could ever regret.