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Jay Schroeder on Bulletproof Podcast

By July 27, 2015 No Comments

EVO Ultrafit President Jay Schroeder sits down with Dave Asprey on Bulletproof Executive Radio. Jay gives an in depth and personal interview on himself and the system of training he created, The EVO System. Having suffered a debilitating motorcycle accident which left Jay paralyzed from the chest down. The slim diagnosis that he wouldn’t recover from his injuries did not hold Jay back. He persevered to reach goals many believed he would never be able to accomplish; becoming a world champion powerlifter is one of them.

The principals of the EVO System were not only built around the challenges he faced but also where many training systems have failed. Through this foundation Jay has been able to consistently improve the performance of professional athletes from around the world and enhance the quality of life of any individual willing to complete the work.

This is because the EVO System focuses on the nervous system, not the muscles. Through the stimulation of the nervous system EVO Ultrafit has created predictable results that are able to be created efficiently. This stimulation comes from the tandem use of specially designed stimulation modalities and EVO Ultrafit protocols. These modalities the POV Sport, RX100, and PRS are unique to the training niche they serve. Each stimulates the body through the nervous system allowing an increase of electrical communication. Every protocol is created by Jay and serves the purpose of allowing the body to communicate in the most appropriate manner. With these qualities of the EVO System no end picture has ever been too great to be made into an existing reality.