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Jed Bradley – MiLB Pitcher

By March 8, 2016 No Comments

Milwaukee Brewers MiLB player Jed Bradley was referred to EVO UltraFit because he felt that surgery wasn’t the best option for his torn labrum.

Starting his Neurological Rehabilitation, Jed describes the experience at EVO UltraFit as “building blocks”. How he had to start from the ground up and relearn the principles of how his body is designed to move. The results from the Neurological Training were made evident as the playing season began and progressed throughout the year. With Jed’s performance decreasing half way through the year in his first two seasons. Training at EVO UltraFit resulted in him doubling his innings from that second season; something people told him wasn’t possible. Jed’s advice to others wanting to train at EVO UltraFit is, “…Just let your body tell you the results, because it will… Whatever I’m doing here no matter how bad this hurts, how uncomfortable it is, how irregular; this is going to help me”.