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Jonathan Toews

By March 9, 2016 No Comments

NHL champion, Olympic gold medalist, and recipient of the Conn Smythe trophy, Jonathan Toews speaks about his drive to improve on the ice. That drive has now become an existing reality by coming to EVO Ultrafit.

Jonathan opens his testimonial about how he observed the results of EVO Ultrafit in an opponent of his, which peaked his own curiosity of how to become better.

Next Jonathan speaks on how his views of “what it is to be fit” evolved during neurological training. He continues on what ways neurological training was different to him, and how the support staff of EVO Ultrafit had been there to help him, when needed, along the way.

Lastly, he closes his testimonial on how the training is uniquely singular and that EVO Ultrafit is not just a refection of the trainers but a determinant of the self discipline in the trainee.

Video done by music video director Gordon Cowie Films