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Karlos Dansby – NFL Linebaker

By May 13, 2016 No Comments

EVO UltraFit management client Karlos Dansby came in looking to make a physical difference that he hadn’t been able to make with traditional strength training. In this testimonial, Karlos mentions that he feels stronger and faster on the field after training with EVO UltraFit protocols.

He also says that he loves training with the EVO UltraFit proprietary modality, POV Sport. He says that he feels the results instantly with the POV Sport, and adds that training in this way increases mental toughness, which carries over to the field.

Karlos goes on to say that there’s nothing else like EVO UltraFit protocols in the world, that this is the training of the future, and EVO UltraFit protocols, along with the POV Sport, have added longevity to his career.

Filming by Business Video Production, Void Studios