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Mayur Dev

By May 13, 2016 No Comments

Career Pharmacist Mayur Dev sits down to discuss how he came to become a client at EVO UltraFit.

Mayur begins his testimonial about the injury he suffered in a biking accident. Which lead him to be referred by a friend, to the rehabilitation expertise of EVO UltraFit. Mayur then delves into how the rehabilitation and training at EVO UltraFit are centered on each individual, and that you get out only as much as you put in.

After Mayur elaborates on how training is not easy but tough, both physically and mentally. Being mentally disciplined has allowed him to complete what is needed physically every day to reach his end picture.

Lastly Mayur explains how the training at EVO UltraFit doesn’t end when the workout is over but carries on throughout the day. He shows how the principles of EVO UltraFit training and rehabilitation have carried on throughout his life stretching far beyond the purpose of physical fitness.

Scottsdale Video Production by Koala Beard Films