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Mike Malaska Golf and EVO Ultrafit Discuss Acceleration and Deceleration in the Golf Drive

By April 6, 2015 No Comments

Mike Malaska (Malaska Golf) and Jay Schroeder (EVO UltraFit) sit down and cover the topic of acceleration and deceleration while on the green. As many who play golf know acceleration is a critical aspect of golf. The ability to accelerate to and through the golf ball is crucial. But golf, a game of efficiency, must start with the golfer. The golfer must be efficient allowing the display of finesse on the green to take place. Mike having decades of experience watching and coaching professional golfers speaks on how an individual’s ability to decelerate is as, if not more important than the ability to accelerate. Jay follows up with the mechanics of how humans are designed to move. Though the maintenance of proper position allowing the most efficient movement to take place. The design of the human is the critical aspect of any display whether on or off the green.