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Mike Tapia

By April 20, 2016 No Comments

Evo Ultrafit client Michael Tapia came to EVO searching for a new type of physical therapy. In the year 2000, Michael was in an accident that left him with major neurological damage. As a result, Michael had trouble walking and couldn’t feel anything in one of his feet. Michael went from using a walker for 18 months, to a wheelchair for three years, then back to a walker, and finally from a walker to arm crutches, and arm crutches to a cain.

When Michael first started physical therapy with Evo Ultrafit’s proprietary ARP Wave technology, he was still using a cain. At his first visit with us, he moved his toes for the first time in years. Because Michael had no feeling in his foot, he would slam it into tables, stub his toes, and drag his foot with no sensation. After 4 months of Evo Ultrafit physical therapy, Michael actually felt pain after kicking a table or stubbing a toe.

Michael mentions that he’s been to over 20 physical therapy offices for help but hadn’t seeing much progress. His insurance company said the nerve endings in his foot were dead and that his leg wouldn’t function at all. Michael says, “you made a liar out of them.” Michael now walks unassisted for the first time in 11 years, and is classified as 33% disabled after being classified as 100% disabled when first visiting our facility. Michael says his doctors are dumbfounded by his progress.

Video done by Gordon Cowie Films, Music Video Productions