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The POV & EVO IsoRider

By March 12, 2014 No Comments


The POV / EVO Iso Rider is a training tool developed by EVO UltraFit for motorcycle road racers.  Shortly after its original development the EVO family suffered a tragic blow when when one of our clients, AMA Professional Road Racers Rocco Horvath, was paralyzed in an on track accident.  Rocco’s injuries were extensive leaving him paralyzed from the chest down, he had severed spinal cord.  His prognosis was grim with the Doctors concluding that he would never ride again, he would never walk again, he would never move his legs again, and he would never feel anything again.  We at EVO sped up the development our POV / EVO IsoRider and adapted it to Rocco’s needs in his state.  What was born out of this process was an elite training tool that could be adapted to motorcycle riders of all abilities and capabilities.

At EVO UltraFit, we have mastered the use and development of the nervous system. Our nervous system is responsible for every aspect of our life.  When our nervous system is prepared we are capable of displaying and recovering from the ultimate levels of performance on command.  Traditional training focuses on training for a specific effect, such as endurance, speed, power etc.  What people fail to realize is that we are all capable of elite displays with regard to these and other performance traits already.  The limiting factor is not the lack of these desired traits but the inability to communicate to the brain allowing for their display free of compensatory actions. This is accomplished through the development and mastery of our nervous system allowing for information to reach our brain quickly and clearly, be interpreted correctly, provide the proper response based on reflex patterns and reflex arcs, and finally interpreting the information post display in order to either continue or make adjustments to the command.  As sportsmen / women we tend to focus on the task itself, rather than on what allows for the task to be completed and recovered from.

The EVO IsoRider by itself is nothing more than a cool toy, but when paired with the EVO UltraFit System you can create exceptional results that many say are too good to be true until you experience them for yourself.