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Ryan Madson – MLB Pitcher

By March 8, 2016 No Comments

MLB player Ryan Madson was introduced to EVO UltraFit after being referred by another player who had trained at the facility. Expecting that Neurological Training would be about the quantity of weight one would need to move. He was surprised when training was not about weight, but focused on holding position. Ryan describes the training emphasis, of being able to stay in position during the exercises, as “strength at length”. When asked about what he liked most about Neurological Training Ryan says, “It (EVO UltraFit Training) wasn’t about the weight, it was more about the desire and the drive to do the work”.

Ryan then details how his rehabilitation progress after Tommy John surgery at EVO UltraFit was radically different than the other world class facilities. according to Ryan, before coming to EVO UltraFit, everyone was very tentative and limiting in the movements he was told to do. But when he came to EVO UltraFit, and had the electrodes of the RX100 modality put on he felt that he was going to be alright. Describing the experience as truly knowing that recovery would take place.

The results would speak for themselves. In the bull pen Ryan concentrated on the body mechanics he learned throughout his rehabilitation and performance training at EVO UltraFit. When in comparison to before he would enter the bull pen having doubts, his mind would wander to his arm and shoulder, creating a negative performance environment. But now he takes the principles of the training he received at EVO UltraFit straight into the bull pen and knows that he will be fine. Ryan ends his testimonial with his quote, “It (EVO UltraFit Training) simplified what I was having to do…And that’s what everyone is looking for, if you simplify in sports you’ll have success”