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Spencer Denis

By April 20, 2016 No Comments

Evo Ultrafit Client and dancer Spencer Denis came to Evo for rehabilitation after tearing his growth plate. Spencer was referred by his dance instructors who have been Evo Ultrafit clients and experienced the results of Evo Ultrafit training first hand.

Spencer outlines the results he gained from being dedicated to the rehabilitation program. Not only was he able to physically recover but the mental aspect of training carried over as well. Improving his performance as a full time dancer by being able to exceed the demand placed on his body from consistent practice and performance.

Next Spencer details the specifics of training, and why he did not quit in the face of being challenged. His most difficult challenge was performing a lunge in the appropriate position, and how the feeling of failure, had inspired him to push through the discomfort.

Lastly the change, training with Evo Ultrafit, has in the life of every individual reaches far outside of the training facility. Spencer says this happened in his life when he considers attending college after initially thinking it wasn’t the path for him. So that he will keep promoting his own self-improvement.

Corporate video done by Videographer Koala Beard Films