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Tim Hightower – NFL Runningback

By April 21, 2016 No Comments

Evo Ultrafit athlete Tim Hightower knew he wanted to get the best out of his body to have the most productive NFL career possible. So, 3 years ago he came to Evo Ultrafit with the singular goal of fulfilling his potential on the football field.

In this testimonial, Tim touches on a number of unique aspects of Evo Ultrafit training. First, he discusses how he had to forget everything that he thought he knew about training, conditioning, and his body.

Next, he mentions that though the unique Evo Ultrafit training methodologies may not be intuitive, once he really understood the goals  of his workouts, he realized the necessity of every exercise.

Last, Tim says that in order to get optimal results in the gym, he must be completely engaged mentally, physically, and emotionally for every workout. Also, he feels personally responsible for the results that he sees in the gym. If he’s not getting what he wants out of the training, then he looks to himself to see what he could do better.

Tim closes by saying that the Evo Ultrafit system is a lifestyle, not just a workout. He says that lifestyle changes are necessary to achieve the most optimal results.

Video done by Gordon Cowie Films, Music Video Producer