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Tim Thomas – NHL Goalie

By April 21, 2016 No Comments

Evo Ultrafit athlete Tim Thomas originally came to our offices to rehab a hip injury, but he continued strength training with us once he was fully rehabbed. This clip shows Tim meeting Jay Schroeder for the first time, which was possible because all of Tim’s training management was handled remotely.

Jay and Tim discuss the rehab of Tim’s hip and subsequent strength training. Tim mentions that within a couple days of beginning Evo Ultrafit protocols, he felt young again, felt more confident, and was having more fun on the ice. Tim goes on to mention that even prior to his hip injury he didn’t have the same amount of mobility that he did after training with Evo Ultrafit protocols. Tim also says that he used Evo Ultrafit training protocols to deal with the stress of the primetime stage during the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Corporate Video done by Void Studios