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Duncan Keith, 35, is a three-time Stanley Cup champion and Conn Smythe Trophy winner, who recently played his 1,000th professional hockey game, all with the Chicago Blackhawks. A small-town guy at heart, he splits his time between Chicago and Penticton, British Columbia, where he grew up.

He took a moment out of his punishing National Hockey League season (his 14th!) to share his workout and wellness secrets, and why he is obsessed with infrared therapy lights.

I get up around 8 a.m. In the 45 minutes before I leave the house, I have a routine: I go upstairs to my lab, where I have a bunch of little things that I do to stay healthy. I try to get as much sunlight as possible, but I also have Joovv lights — they’re red and infrared lights, which are very healing.

Then I lay on my Bemer mat, which has electromagnetic currents, for eight minutes. I also have my supplements like glutathione and vitamin C, and liquid herbs like ashwaganda. Sometimes at night, I’ll sleep with a hydrogen inhaler. I’m a biohacker and a part-time hockey player. It’s basically better living with the help of science.

During the season, I don’t do a whole lot of heavy lifting. I use PoV Sport, a machine that uses electricity to keep your muscles contracted. It’s about feeling strong without me having to do any excess movement.

The off-season is when I work out the hardest. I’m in the gym about five times a week doing strength training. It’s all based on the Evo Ultrafit system that my strength trainer Jay Schroeder does. He’s based out of Phoenix. He trains a lot of professional football players and baseball players. It’s a lot of body-weight stuff and isometrics and speed Russian lunges. I’ll start ice skating in July. By the end of the August, I’m skating four to five times a week.

“During the season, I don’t do a whole lot of heavy lifting,” Mr. Keith said.
“Whitten Sabbatini for The New York Times”

No Hotel Toiletries

For me, the biggest thing for my skin care is the Joovv light. But then my buddy is a real skin fanatic with lots of different things. He told me about this skin care company called Eminence, and once in a while I’ll use the exfoliator in the steam shower.

I don’t love the hotel skin care stuff. I bring my own. I use Ancient Minerals body lotion that has magnesium in it. I order it off Amazon. My skin gets nice and moisturized but also gets a dose of magnesium. I use the Ben Greenfield’s serum, which is a mix of vitamin C and a bunch of different herbs. And then I do use cologne. I use the Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Acqua the most.

I wouldn’t say I’m on any specific diet. I’ve read Dr. Mercola’s booksand I followed his nutrition plan for a while. But now, I just eat healthy and the biggest thing is getting a lot of calories in. I’m always burning calories during the season, and I’m trying to keep my mass on.

I read a lot of books and I listen to podcasts. My favorite is the Ben Greenfield fitness podcast. I guess you could call him a professional biohacker. I also listen to Aubrey Marcus and Joe Rogan.

Right now, I’m reading “Medical Medium” by Anthony William. It’s nonfiction and about food and nutrition. I enjoy reading and learning about the body. The first chapter is a little bit goofy, but essentially it’s about how important carbs and fruits are. It goes against a lot of things you hear today.