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Yoly Meserve

By April 21, 2016 No Comments

EVO UltraFit athlete and figure competitor, Yolanda Claire, first came to us because she had an injured knee, wasn’t seeing progress with traditional physical therapy, and saw many professional athletes recovering quickly from injuries with EVO UltraFit treatment.

Yolanda says that within two minutes of using proprietary EVO UltraFit Rehabilitation she was able to complete exercises that utilized her injured knee’s full range of motion without pain.

She goes on to mention that she had competed in 5 figure shows prior to coming to EVO UltraFit and always starved herself with traditional diets leading up to to shows. However, she’s found that she doesn’t need to take such drastic measures to compete in her figure competitions with Evo UltraFit training.

Says that not only the exercises but even the setup of the EVO UltraFit facility are completely different from anything else she’s ever experienced. When you’re doing a rep, she says, there can’t be any other thought in your mind whatsoever.

Yoly closes by saying that even though EVO UltraFit training forces you to continually push your body, it’s one of the best training and learning experiences she’s ever had.

Testimonial filmed by Production Company, Void Studios